Top Brazilian Memes of 2010

If you are in the mood to be annoyed by a horrible layer of classical music on top of a video of the ‘best’ Brazilian memes of 2010, click the video below. Or if you want to ignore that first sentence and see how well you pay attention to what is culturally relevant for kids in Brazil, click the video below. If neither of the two, skipping the video is your best bet.

6 thoughts on “Top Brazilian Memes of 2010

    • Well, this applies to many subjects (most having to do with entertainment) and the concept is worldwide but it’s important to ask, if memes like these didn’t exist, what would people (the kind that watch them) be doing instead? What kinds of thoughts and conclusions about life might they be having? Popular media changes people’s behavior and makes them more like each other instead of individuals. It’s the idea of Plato’s Cave where one person turns to their neighbor to confirm their sanity even though both people live in the same ‘bubble’, as it were.

    • A meme is a concept given to us by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene where hypothesizes that ideas can spread like genes and he called these ideas and/or beliefs, memes. It’s an interesting read if you ever get the chance.

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