IPEA study says 40% of Brazilians don’t use banks

“A study published this Tuesday, the 11th, by the IPEA (Institute for Applied Economic Research) shows that 39.5% of Brazilians don’t have a bank account. The ‘Banks: Exclusion and Services’ study reveals that 52.6% of those interviewed in the Northeast and 50% in the North don’t use banks while in the Midwest, 31.2% don’t have accounts. In contrast, the South and Southeast presented percentages of 65.9% and 70% of those interviewed who saved their money in financial institutions.

According to the IPEA, it’s necessary to create products and services for those 39.5% that don’t have a bank account, so that they can be incorporated into the banking system and socialize access to public services operated by concession.” – Baguete

My Take

This study makes me laugh. Why is it necessary to include a third-party (banks) in an A /B transaction? This was the biggest con of them all when ‘we decided’ (it was decided for us) to use a heavily-controlled monetary system for transactions between a buyer and a seller. Anyone who doesn’t fall in line must be a ‘terrorist’ or something. Can’t trust people that…what’s that called?…oh, yeah, think!

Perhaps the IPEA will learn something from the 5-part video series called ‘Corrupt Banking System’

2 thoughts on “IPEA study says 40% of Brazilians don’t use banks

    • haha! quite true. To live in a system is to live with it. The problem arises when the possibility to trade is no longer viable. There’s no way the supermarket down my street would accept a live chicken in payment for me taking 6 bars of soap. Fill the possibility of exchange of goods with so much red tape (alas the supermarket is a corporation) and my only choice is to use cash or credit.

      Anyways, you could repeat your comment and it would still be just as true.

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