Big record companies getting a clue

I don’t listen to the radio but I was just reading part of an article on the Guardian about how record companies no longer think its viable to “set up” a record, that is, to play it on the radio for several weeks before releasing it to the public in disc or digital form for purchase.

Even though I don’t like funk nor tecnobrega that much, I’m pretty sure they (at least the latter) have been instantly releasing their songs for years. Go to a concert and like the music? Buy the just-recorded disc from the concert itself. Like a particular song that just came out? Go to the corner and buy it from the street vendor (who probably has a deal with the musicians). One more example of how traditional media is going down the tubes.


One thought on “Big record companies getting a clue

  1. and what do we care ..we re just going to download them a bit cant stop piracy.- and i dont think that good bands need that type of marketing at all…with all that myspace etc stuff …if a band is good and likes to tour…it doesnt need anyone uppon their heads..but if we talking about crap music (a beatifull stupid girl with nice ass and face) then its diferrent. ha ha

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