Tal Phrases

A seguir, umas frases e tal ; )
Below, some phrases and stuff

Tal – Such, Like (or Said)
Ex. Falam que tal livro conta a história de nosso povo.
Ex. They say that said book tells the history of our people.

E tal / Coisa e tal – …and stuff / and things like that / etc.
Ex. O livro se trata de dragões e tal.
Ex. The book is about dragons and stuff.

Tal…tal… – Like…like…
Ex. Tal mãe, tal filha.
Ex. Like mother, like daughter.

Que tal… – How about…
Ex. Que tal a gente se encontrar na quarta-feira que vem?
Ex. How about we meet up this Wednesday?

*the title of the post, if written in Portuguese, would be ‘tais frases’ since ‘tal’ becomes ‘tais’ in plural form.

3 thoughts on “Tal Phrases

  1. I’ve never heard the word ‘said’ being used as you did in the first example.
    Also, I’ve never heard people in Brazil saying “tal e qual pessoa”. Maybe I’ve heard or read “tal e qual como estava no livro”. But that’s not common.

    • Hi Fabio

      I’ve never seen said being used as a translation either but that’s what I’d translate it to, in the example. As for tal e qual, perhaps I was thinking too much in the English construction (such and such a person). The “tal e qual como estava no livro” is without the “e” according to the examples I found online (tal qual)…but having the “e” there, it changes. If you have suggestions for examples, they are welcome.

  2. You are right. Tal qual, no ‘e’. but your example still sounds strange. I would change my sentence to: ‘tal qual estava no livro’. Take out ‘como’ too
    I found this example online: deixar ficar tudo tal qual estava
    Because it mean “exactly the same”, so I can’t remember ever heard it for people.

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