Just go ahead and skip this post

So while the north of Brazil barely gets in the news (and when it does, it’s for something bad or crazy that happened), internationally, there are porn “music” videos like this that are promoting Brazil, and horribly at that.

Yes, you saw that right, 270,000 views for that video. Well, at least Christina Aguilera is in Brazil, I’m sure she can top it. If she can’t, then Paris Hilton is in Brazil, too…so are Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. In the meantime, I’m going to return to be previous state of being allergic to utter bullshit.

11 thoughts on “Just go ahead and skip this post

  1. i wouldn;t exactly call this a promo clip of brasil. she borrows the word “samba” and a feather boa and one capoeira flip. but that’s about all i picked up. actually the “samba” was (i think) the “name” of somebody in the vid, dony samba… adam you need to take a break!

    • Perhaps, perhaps, lol. But I mean does say “Brazil” in many ways, at least for people who don’t know much about it. Maybe I was more concerned with the fact that it was basically porn passing off as art. Kids these days, eh

    • Can’t even get the Portuguese right. I saw a Portuguese hip-hop song recently and they brought in an American rapper and he did part of the chorus in Spanish.

  2. Well, I don’t who’s this woman! But unfortunetely there are a lot of that kind around here in Brasil and also in all over the world. Older labor ever. Sadly

  3. I’ve seen worse. Have you seen Shakira’s she wolf video. Nothing like a woman dancing on her back in a cage wearing nude colored clothes. nice.

    If you looked at the comments someone has already denounced her brazilianess (i like to make up words), saying that she is from Romania.

    • Yes, I saw that one, too. Back in her ‘Pies Descalzos’ days, she was more Colombian and authentic…but at least she puts some money into building schools in Colombia’s Pacific coast. In fact, that’s why I like people like Marta Gomez, who really digs into her South American roots. http://eyesoncolombia.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/marta-gomez/ Even Juanes says he’s against doing anything in English or trying to be a ‘cross-over’ artist.

  4. Hey James, I got to go with Adam on this one. I’ve seen the young kids example of the “pagode novo” in Salvador and it’s basically sex on a stage to a boom box beat which is a complete perversion of the “old school” pagode. And while I’m at it, if you ever see a “banda forro” and the first thing that comes on stage are some scantly clad women popping their couche (does anyone know how to spell couche?), its a dead give away that the band probably sucks. I partied all night one night in Lapa in Rio at this club with multiple stages an each and every band jammed their bundas off. And not one of those bends had a scantly clad women on stage to sell the band. And let be the first to say that Adam and I don’t agree on everything either. But that girl was fine in the video though. I guess that was the point.

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