Getting a US Work Visa – Good, Bad & Ugly

According to documents leaked via Wikileaks, the US consulate in Brazil apparently thinks there are three kinds of Brazilians that ask for US (work) visas. The ‘good’ are those of middle-class, with good schooling and in search of improving their English. The ‘bad’ are those who have relatives or friends who are illegally staying in the US while the ‘ugly’ are those that are unqualified, poor and desperate, having paid US$3,000 for false work permission instead of paying US$10,000 for a coyote in Mexico. – Folha

I’m not sure about other pockets of Brazilians living in the US, but here in the Bay Area, I’ve probably spent time with over 100 Brazilians (a very rough guess) and those that were here illegally make up about 5-10%. Of course, some might say that this is evidence of a successful policy by the US consulates. On the flip side, there are those that slip through and those that should have been let through. One of my friends in Brazil has repeatedly traveled through and lived in Europe, all done legally, yet she keeps getting denied a visa to vacation in the US. For Brazilians’ sake, the exodus will start to reverse.


4 thoughts on “Getting a US Work Visa – Good, Bad & Ugly

  1. I have a friend in the Bay area who has her work visa and now is trying to get her travel visa renewed. Unlike so many Brazilians I know in the Atlanta area that work by getting paid cash, she actually gets paid by check and pays taxes! And the US is still making her jump through hoops to get a travel visa. Go figure. Does anybody have any expertise and or experience with travel visas?

    • Good idea, Ty. It would be nice to get someone who deals with these issues as part of their job, though with it, might come a politician’s answer, lol. Another point you made, the Brazilians I do know here, they also pay for their serfdom…oops, I mean they pay taxes.

  2. Update. My friend in San Fran has gotten her travel visa to travel the US, great! Now she has a hearing coming up on getting a travel visa to and from Brazil or any other country for that matter, and returning to the US hassle free. I had no idea how many types of visas and other documents you must have to get in the US if you are not a US citizen.

  3. Well my friend is from Sao paulo Brazil and he wanted to come over and visit California, he doesn’t want to stay here, he just wants to visit for one month but they deny him a visa. Man i wish there was a way to help him. i am a US citizen and i know him, He wants to improve his English and just visit, and stay over my house.

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