Panty Chat – Danielle in Brazil

Over at Danielle’s blog, she discusses Panty Chat, a show from Globo where young women sit around and….well, I’ll let you read her post (see comments, too). I’ll reproduce my comment here, by the way…

“Yeah, you don’t want to understand it, it’s a bit crap. These women encompass what is being called the Female Chauvinist Pig. And sad, it is. There is a show on Globo which is kinda similar to Panty Chat, it’s called Amor e Sexo.”


4 thoughts on “Panty Chat – Danielle in Brazil

  1. thanks for the shout-out! I’m interested to see what your readers think.

    Unfortunately, that female chauvinist pig link isn’t working… not sure if it’s because I’m out of the US. But I already like it, just based on the term.

  2. Wow I was hoping for a positive chat about straight married males wearing panties while having sex with their partners and others, do I wear pink which is submissive or black which looks masculine.

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