The biggest Carnival bloco in the world

In case you will be making your way to Carnival in Brazil this year, and if you find yourself in Recife, I’ve written a Saturday itinerary for you at Street Smart Brazil. Check out Roosters in Recife Sing Frevo for a quick guide to what you should do.

6 thoughts on “The biggest Carnival bloco in the world

  1. I have a few friends in Salvador da Bahia who would argue with that assessment, over a cold beer of course. Here is an excert from my buddy Pardal’s wesite.

    *”The World’s Biggest Party” is an appellation that I often hear or see ascribed to our brothers and sisters down in Rio de Janeiro (for example, one entity listing Carnival in Rio as the world’s largest is
    Carnival in Rio encompasses 700 meters of street (Rua Marquês de Sapucaí), with grandstands. Now that’s like seven football stadiums in a row, and that’s pretty big!

    Carnival in Bahia encompasses kilometer after kilometer of streets filled to the brim, practically bursting with people, not to mention block after block lined with camarotes (stands).
    With all due respect and more to A Cidade Maravilhosa and its utterly magnificent Carnival history, if it’s size we’re talking about, it’s no contest!

    • I’d agree with Pardal, though they are bananas and plantains (apples and oranges) since a bloco is one part of Carnival, meaning there are many blocos in every Carnival. But yeah, I used to watch Salvador’s Carnival on Terra TV ao vivo. This year, Youtube Live will be broadcasting live from Salvador, should be interesting.

      • Hey Adam, speaking of TV, how is the picture and playback quality of TV BRAZUCA, that you turned us on to?

        Like so many of us nowadays I can’t afford cable anymore and ever since the US came out with the digital over the air HDTV that’s all I have been using.

        I think I might just try TVB as a tool to help with my learning and especially listening and understanding Portuguese while it is being spoken. As I know that playback is also based on your pc. My laptop has the new Intel Core i3 processor, 8 GB of memory and 500 GB of hard drive. It’s so fast it screams. Thanks man.

  2. And you know what, I have no idea what the size of the biggest bloco in Salvador is. I just assumed (something that you should never do) that since they have so many people there during Carnaval then they must have the largest bloco too.

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