Foreign companies flooding Brazil

My next article Milking Brazil is already up at SSB. This one is on how Brazil has been flooded with foreign companies, all making money off Brazilians because of their status, etc. Read it now!…or wait 2 whole months until I post it here, lol.

One thought on “Foreign companies flooding Brazil

  1. I just responded to a posting of the plan of china to build a railroad from the atlantic to the pacific side of columbia. foreign companies are all over the place in the americas because of: they are capitalizing on the cheap labor available. besides, south america is closer to africa than china is to africa. with strong factories in South America, using cheap labor they can now be stronger in Africa. Africa is just across the “pond.”
    With chinese factories built in South America the chinese will bring their own people. And when they come, they never leave. Work conditions in China is already deplorable. Unless host countries up the work standards, there is the likelihood of working conditions in China be brought over to South American.
    Also when the chinese comes, they not only build factories; they soon permeate the retail establishments. There is nothing wrong with China, but you have to protect your country and your cultural traditions. You do not want a repeat of what the Spanish conquistadores did to the Americas during their time.

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