15 thoughts on “News Headlines 1

    • Thanks, Eric! I made it because it’s simple, easy to understand and current. Would be nice if I could automate it or auto-populate the fields.

  1. Hi Adam,
    Long time, no see.
    Correct if I am wrong, but you translated literally. The sentence means that US will perform at Morumbi stadium.

    • You mean U2, I take it. This was the only issue, on how to do the translation, literally or in basic terms because if the reader sees the meaning of the verb and then sees that I didn’t use that in the translation, then they may get confused. Perhaps I should add another box just for literal translations.


  2. I think it’s a great idea and would be very helpful. It’s like a gentle kick in the butt so to speak. Especially since I didn’t finish/complete the Living Language Portuguese Course book while I was on vacation from work and school like I wanted to.

    But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t studying Portuguese. Nise my friend from Rio (a Carioca) who lives in San Francisco (your neck of the woods) visited me in Atlanta, GA for a few days and we taught each other’s native language to each other. Grammar, syntax, new words and pronunciation. Everywhere we went we took a English/Portuguese dictionary.

    It was a nice way to immerse our selves in each other’s language for a few days. So I did get a chance to study the beautiful language of Portuguese from a native speaker. We even went to see RUA 6 http://www.reverbnation.com/rua6?eid=A721353_8102020_33903888 (6 Street) at Eclipse de Luna in Atlanat, GA to listen to a live band cranking out some tunes in Portuguese. So yeah, I’m definitely game for this.

    • Thanks. I’ve got it down to about 10-15 minutes. The best part is that article content doesn’t matter because it’s the Portuguese that’s important.

  3. Adam,

    Just to make sure I understood correct, Morumbi is not a city in Sao Paulo state, Morumbi is an area
    ( bairro ) within the city of Sao Paulo, where Morumbi stadium is located. Morumbi stadium belongs to Sao Paulo Futebol Clube and we ( Corinthianos ) call Sao Paulinos “po de arroz”. ;)
    Please forgive me if I misunderstood you.


    • Thanks for the correction, Ray. I guess I need to be careful in my selection and do a little extra research. I just figured the publication wouldn’t use a bairro then a comma then the initials of the state (like Miami, FL, for ex.). The fact that they did something like “Little Havana, FL” caught me off guard.

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