Sangue Latino – Eduardo Galeano

As most readers know by now, in February, I decided to shift gears a little and make my site home to my articles on Brazilian culture. There are few cases in which I will break ranks with this direction, such as with my ‘newspaper headlines’ idea and with anything in particular that strikes me as worthy of special mention.

Here is one of those exceptions, part of the Sangue Latino series done by Canal Brasil (sorry, it’s only in Spanish and Portuguese). Eduardo Galeano is an award-winning novelist from Uruguay…and someone I’d sure like to have a beer with.


3 thoughts on “Sangue Latino – Eduardo Galeano

  1. gasp! thank you so much for submitting this, i would’ve otherwise never heard of it! galeano is a human being, thinker and writer i admire immensely. the beer goes without saying.
    obrigada!!! love your blog.

      • that’s exactly what i thought! and funny, i did the same thing (watched the opening several times) – must be the cadence of the speech combined with the power of the imagery. wow. i can’t wait to watch it again tonight! you made my day… i get to practice meu portugues AND watch galeano!

        this doc sounds interesting… so’ dez % haha never heard of him before. he’s from mato grosso & i was just there six months ago. yes, love documentaries on writers, was just surprised you’d feature them here.

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