Lessons from Brazil – Grass

As a new section for the site, I am going to write brief entries called Lessons from Brazil (since I have been living in Rio for one month now). In these entries, I will write about differences between the US and Brazil. Here goes…


Walking on the grass is not looked upon in a positive light. The instances where grass is stepped on include when uneducated people do it, when those who just need to traverse a small grassy area quickly do it and sometimes when people wish to have a picnic. Outside of parks, grass is most common in people’s gardens and so not stepping in them is seen as common sense.


Aside from unknown people’s lawns, walking on the grass in the US is no big thing.


5 thoughts on “Lessons from Brazil – Grass

    • Forever! haha. There might be a move to the south of France in the cards in about 25 years, but we’ll see. Thanks for the comment, Kalani!

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