Lessons from Brazil – Beauty

Most likely obvious to most people, but…


When women go to the gym in Brazil, they go to get “thick” (for lack of a better word). What matters here, as far as a woman’s body image, are big thighs and a big butt. Skinny women are sometimes thought to be “feeling sick”, as in, “she must be losing weight because she’s ill”.


Women pretty much only go to the gym in the US in order to get skinny or keep their skinny body.

Fellow blogger Rachel’s view on the same subject.


4 thoughts on “Lessons from Brazil – Beauty

  1. I’m happy to see you notes about my country, looking and learning what I already know, because is normals to me.
    Diana Lima

  2. I’m curious, is body self-image a societal thing in Brazil or a regional thing? Do women who live in Rio or near beaches have this idea of “thickness” or is it a common practice throughout the country?

    • Hi Will

      It’s very common throughout. All the “desirable” women in the media are thick (at least from the waist to the thighs) and the style just trickles down to the gen. pop. Many women here want to be “gostosa” (hot > thick) just like how in the States they might want to adopt Paris Hilton’s body style.

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