Music You Should Hear

I’ve already posted most of these, here and there, but never together. Here you go!

With so many styles of music in Brazil, from sertanejo to mangue bit, bossa nova to funk, how is anyone supposed to know everything? It’s not even a title I claim for myself though my musical quest did start 10 years ago. The first song I remember hearing from Brazil was either Zeca Baleiro’s Essas Emoções or Max de Castro’s Onda Diferente. After that, I went commercial and listened to anything I could find playing on Brazilian radio stations. It was my way of feeling closer to Brazil despite being half a world away. It wasn’t long after that I started finding my own taste and that’s what I want to offer you now, some singers and songs you may not have heard of yet.

Márcio Faraco

Pretty much my favorite Brazilian singer/songwriter, he lives in France and is not well-known in Brazil but his style is very relaxing. Some of his music, though, is a bit more upbeat as you can hear in his duet (below) with Chico Buarque called Ciranda.

Cordel do Fogo Encantado

I found these guys (apparently now defunct) after getting into Mangue Bit and Nação Zumbi. Their music is almost undefinable but it blends religious music from Portugal, indigenous music from the Northeast and various Afro-Brazilian styles. I had the chance to see them in Belém and I didn’t go…silly me.

Vitor Ramil

Another Brazilian singer/songwriter, he’s a proud gaúcho and his music is all about showcasing that. His latest disc “Délibáb” takes 6 Brazilian poems and 6 Argentine milongas (Borges) and creates unique songs from them. The following song is in Spanish but is a duet with Caetano Veloso.

Thalma de Freitas

I don’t know much about her, aside from that her father is a maestro and she is as much an actress as she is a singer. She’s talented at both. I first heard her singing Tranquilo and since then I’ve become a fan.

If you liked these songs and would be interested in searching for your own, I recommend Música de Bolso‘s Youtube channel, which shows many of Brazil’s independent artists playing pick-up shows. Another suggestion is to use to look up your favorite singers and then use their “similar artists” button to find new favorites.


8 thoughts on “Music You Should Hear

  1. I like your blog because I learn a lot about my own country and culture. I didn’t know that Thelma’s father was a maestro. I don’t like her much as an actress, but she is definitely underrated.
    I have a whole album of Cordel do Fogo Encantado on my computer but I never really sat down and listen to it. Have you heard of Criolina? They are duo based in São Luís do Maranhão. They kinda remind me of Os Mutantes.
    I think I showed you my cousin’s band Eita Piula, right? Anyway, kudos on your post.

  2. Hey Adam! How goes it man! Good to hear you are more than doing ok in Rio. I’ve got a few friends in Rocinha myself and hopefully this year I too can visit Rio and some of my friends in Salvador too. I first saw the video of ‘Cordeiro de Nanã’, with Thalma de Freitas, the daughter of maestro Laércio de Freitas, Fabiana Aleluia, and the daughter of maestro Mateus Aleluia on my buddy Pardal of website and it just blew me away. Such talent. Here is a link from Bahia on line on her father’s musical roots.

    Also attached is the website of Thalma de Freitas, I found some months ago. I wanted to make sure I got a chance to check out some ‘theatre’ while in Rio and Salvador and she does theatre as well. Take care young blood.

  3. Interesting, I am a big fan of Brazilian music, but I’ve never heard about the artists you mention (apart from Chico Buarque and Caetano Veloso). I too started off with rather commercial stuff like Carlinhos Brown and Marisa Monte, exploring the whole MPB thing, then reggae, only to discover that my biggest passion is samba, especially traditional or “old” samba.

    Using as a search tool is a brilliant idea, I discovered lots of artists through it.
    But recently I’ve been using music blogs and websites and, of course, youtube.
    And I want to share a gem I found today:

    It’s Cristina Buarque (Chico’s sister) singing Noel Rosa’s “Tres apitos”. Beautiful.


  4. Tudobeleza,
    It was great to get to know Márcio Faraco. No one ever told me about him, and in my short stays in Brazil I never came across one of his CDs. I don’t remember having seen his CDs even in Paris, when I went there last summer. I’ve been listening to him every day since I found him on your blog. Thank you for posting him singing with Chico (I love Chico!) here!!! This kind of thing will keep me coming back to your blogs. :-)

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