Lessons from Brazil – Cologne Now Cheaper than Water


Apparently, cologne is now cheaper than water in Brazil as men aged 15 to 40 are bathing in it. When you can walk by me…and still stay 10+ feet away while having me smell your cologne as if you sprayed it in my face, I can only assume that where you live, cologne comes out of your shower head. On the flip side, women, you are doing it right. When I can walk by you and I get the slightest hint of a nice smell, that’s hard to beat.


I won’t say this doesn’t happen in the US but it’s definitely not as frequent. There are those who bathe in it, those who “spray and walk away” and those who put a little bit in specific locations so anyone they are intimate with can have the pleasure of a nice smell. Personally, I belong to the last bunch.


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