2010 Census in English

I found an IBGE write-up of the 2010 Census in English and thought I’d share it with you all. The most interesting part was population growth where you’d least expect it, in the North and Central West regions, with Amapá and Roraima leading with whopping increases hovering around 40% each.

As for future travel, Balbinos-SP suddenly became a whole lot less interesting ; )

Oh, and for those wondering, “there are 95.9 men per 100 women, that is, there are 3.9 million more women than men in Brazil. In 2000, for each 100 women, there were 96.6 men. The Brazilian population is formed by 97,342,162 women and 93,390,532 men.”

Feel free to make your own conclusions on such ratios. Here’s a previous article of mine on cities with the most single women, though be aware that most of the info might have fluctuated, in the past decade, as much as the 2010 info above.


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