That’s rich…

According to Globo, the board of EBX has elected Thor Batista as a director of the holding company. That’s rich, Eike.

Mind you, Thor got off with a fine earlier this year when he killed a cyclist while driving “his” Mercedes McLaren SLR. Not to mention, he had already racked up 51 points on his driver’s license (in Brazil, for driving infractions you get points on your record. I’m pretty sure 51 is several times the normal cut off point for losing your license, yet this never happened.). Then he had his Ferrari impounded and, instead of paying the small fine, bought another Ferrari. This is also the guy who said in a national magazine interview in Veja that he works out 6x a week and never read a book in his life.

Meanwhile, this favela kid will probably be doing lots of time, and rightfully so, for killing a military policeman. Both he and Thor fled the scene of their respective crimes.


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