Turista Aprendiz

“The musical expedition made ​​by the group A Barca, formed by musicians and researchers of folk traditions, continues to rediscover traditional Brazilian music. From December 2004 to February 2005, they traveled through Pará, down the coast to Bahia, Minas Gerais and later arrived in Sao Paulo. Throughout the course, they collected and recorded groups of local traditions and culture.

To produce the Collection Turista Aprendiz, A Barca visited seven groups selected to have their own CD, considering the excellence of the repertoire, virtuosity of the artists and the strength of traditions. They are: As Cantadeiras do Souza (Jequitibá-MG), o Bumba Boi Brilho da Sociedade (Cururupu-MA), O Grupo da Quixabeira (Lagoa da Camisa- BA), a Irmandade do Rosário de Justinópolis (Ribeirão das Neves – MG), o Redandá (Cipó Guaçu – SP), os Kariri Xocó (Porto Real do Colégio – AL) e a Casa Fanti-Ashanti (São Luís – MA). The collection also brings together a DVD with seven short films of about fifteen minutes on each group. “

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