Found Memories


I just got done seeing Found Memories (Histórias que só existem quando lembradas – Stories that only exist when remembered) on Netflix and I had to write about it here. As everyone knows, I’ve seen a ton of Brazilian films and it just so happens that this film is now one of the top 5 on my ‘list’. Beautifully executed by the director (Júlia Murat), by the actors (especially Lisa Fávero and Sônia Guedes), by the cinematographer and the scriptwriter. It’s safe to say the film is poetic in many ways.


3 thoughts on “Found Memories

  1. I’ve seen “Histórias…” twice in the cinema and it wouldn’t be too much for me to see it for the 3rd time. This month Brazilian cinemas released also “O som ao reador”, trailer of which I recall from one of your older posts. You should definitely see this one as well. So realistic and touching, reflecting everyday life of Recifenses, its sounds and social relations in the way which is surprisingly true. I’ve been living in Recife for almost one year now, and was literally “shaken” by this movie. Together with “Histórias…” it would be on the very top of my list of the best Brazilian films.

  2. I’ve put Both “Histórias…” and “O som ao redor” in my priority list! Thank you for the suggestions!
    In memory of recently deceased Walmor Chagas here goes a link to the opening to what according to him was his best work.

  3. I’ve put both “Histórias…” and “O som ao redor…” in my list of priorities. In this list I’ve put also “São Paulo S/A, which I had never hear of until its main actor Walmor Chagas’s passed away three days ago.

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