5x Pacification – Favelas Inside Out


There’s a famous black and white film from the early 1960s that showed Rio de Janeiro in five vignettes, each done by a different director about the favelas and its residents. It was called Cinco Vezes Favela (full movie, no subs).

With all the attention the favelas have been getting since 2008 when José Mariano Beltrame took his position as Rio state’s secretary of public safety, the film got a refresh in 2010. This time it was simply called 5x Favela (full movie, no subs) and used favela residents as its principal actors.

Fast forward another two years to a few months back, in mid-November 2012, and the film earned a spin-off: 5x Pacificação (trailer below, though this last film in the series I have yet to see). The new drama looks to show the pacification process headed by Beltrame’s UPP (Pacifying Police Force) and how they are viewed from the inside out.

The first vignette, “Morro shows the difference between communities that already have UPPs installed and those who have yet to receive them. Part two, called “Polícia” shows the preparation of the new police units, followed by part three, “Bandidos”, that depicts ex-traffickers and how they have tried to reintegrate into society. Part four, titled “Asfalto”, is about how people living near these favelas feel about the UPPs while the final vignette, called “Complexo”, relates to the pacification of both Complexo do Alemão and Favela da Rocinha.


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