Domestic Workers gain new rights


“The Senate approved a law that amplifies the rights of domestic workers. The new rules enter into effect next week. According to Folha columnist Eliane Cantanhêde, two measures need to be taken by the government: the creation of norms, or a manual of conduct for both sides, in addition to tax exemption.

“If the government exempts the payroll to boost the economy, it may withdraw taxes from the salaries of domestic workers, to share costs and save jobs.”

According to the journalist, the change in the law brings an enormous amount of social justice and respect to a profession that has inherited the culture and errors of slavery.


The PEC (Proposal to Amend the Constitution) 478/10 guarantees to domestic workers — such as cooks, gardeners, drivers, and elderly/infant care workers –, 40% of the balance from the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Time of Service) in case of firing without just cause, unemployment insurance, additional overnights, overtime, family wages, as well as 11 other workers rights.

The domestic workers also will start to have a 8-hour daily maximum of work and 44 hours weekly. None of the 66 senators present at the meeting voted against the project, which was approved unanimously.” – Folha

Extra: Folha answers 66 questions regarding the new law.


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