US, Brazil and gun control

A few months late but still interesting.

“A man walks into an elementary school with two handguns. Within minutes, more than thirty children are dead or wounded. This isn’t Newtown, Connecticut, but Realengo, a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On April 7th, 2011, Wellington Oliveira murdered twelve children and wounded twenty others. The tragedy sparked a national conversation on gun violence, a huge problem in Brazil.

On Wednesday, in reaction to a different massacre, President Obama proposed a series of gun control measures he says will reduce gun deaths in America. Whether a recalcitrant Congress and vocal gun lobby will let those proposals become law is unclear.

Fact number 1: Brazil has the most gun murders in the world (around 36,000 people in 2010), but the U.S. has the most among industrialized nations (9,146).

Fact number 2: in 2011 Brazil was the number one importer of guns into the U.S.” – Source (more here)


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