Brazil to become Hotelandia

An article in O Globo today states that Copacabana will get 12 more hotels by 2016 and the Residents Association is looking to complain. Good luck. The famous neighborhood already has 63 hotels (with a total of 7,300 rooms). The hotels, plus a few that are being upgraded, will generate R$500 million and 1,300 jobs…but I wonder where that money actually goes and will those jobs still be around after the Games? Again, good luck.

All in all, according to O Globo, there are 101 accomodation-based construction projects (hotels, hostels, B&Bs, etc) either already approved or being analyzed by the gov’t, which will bring about an additional 14,671 rooms in the next few years. It’s not certain from the article if those will be restricted to Rio or if they are for the whole country, though I get the feeling they’ll be for Rio.

But that’s not all, USA Today has this to say…

“Brazil’s in the midst of a hotel building boom that promises to deliver thousands of newly built, moderately priced hotel rooms.

In fact, 200 hotels are under construction, while another 170 hotels are slated to open within the next three years, according to industry tracker Lodging Econometrics.

French hospitality giant Accor leads the pack with 55 hotels under construction”USA Today

Sad to see so much investment just for the tourists’ sake.

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