São Paulo to launch “bolsa crack”

Cracolândia / Especial / JT

To aid families suffering financially with a member who uses illegal drugs, the São Paulo state government will launch a program to help fund the treatment of addicts. The amount of R$ 1,350 per month per patient will be paid to accredited clinics specialized in the recovery of drug users.

The project will be launched on Thursday by the governor Geraldo Alckmin. From the start, about 3000 addicts should benefit. The idea is to give a card to the families of addicts who accept treatment voluntarily. By presenting the card in  financed clinics, the user will receive the treatment, and the money will be transferred from the government of São Paulo directly to the clinic.

A notice to the accredited clinics should be released in the coming days by the government. Clinics in 11 cities will participate: Diadema, Sorocaba, Campinas, Bauru, São José do Rio Preto, Ribeirão Preto, Presidente Prudente, São José dos Campos, Osasco, Santos and Mogi das Cruzes.

On a visit to Franca (SP) on Tuesday, Alckmin told the G1 website that he does not fear criticism about the program.

“We have full support. Families suffer when a member is an addict. We provide this service free of charge via the Unified Health System (SUS, in Portuguese). This card is for the family. It’s not a card to hospitalize the sick, but rather a social card,” the governor explained. – Source (PT)


Read about SP’s Cracolândia via the Guardian or check out (and listen to a story of) Rio’s crackland on NPR


4 thoughts on “São Paulo to launch “bolsa crack”

  1. Hi! I love all of your posts and read them regularly, but sometimes find your translation a little off, I hope you don’t mind me saying. The way you used NHS in this post really struck me, because I think if you’re using an unexplained acronym, you shouldn’t translate it, and just stick with the original, which in this case would be the SUS. I think it stuck out to me as a Brit, because for a second it sounded like the article was describing an actual ‘NHS’ programme – and we don’t definitely don’t have this kind of programme in the UK!

  2. Ah I like the edit, I think it’s great.

    Such a shame that the photo in your post is an all-too-familiar sight in so many Brazilian cities. I hope they see some good results from this trial and that they implement it in other cities – I’m sure Recife could benefit from this kind of thing too.

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