Keeping up with Brazil

Whenever I leave Brazil, my intake of Brazil-related news inevitably goes up. Let’s call this the “saudade factor”. My intake is all over the place, as per usual. Like others, I peruse O Globo and Folha quite regularly (though their fairly new pay-wall tactic is shutting me out on a normal basis), but I also check several other newspapers such as Diario de Pernambuco, Estadão, and a few others (Carta Capital, etc).

As far as blogs go, what are my favorites? Eat Rio, Scharlab, and Expat Brazil. Deep Brazil also gets an honorable mention for consistent, varied content.

There are some relative newcomers on the scene but I find their approach a bit off-putting because their main interest is revenue. Nothing wrong with a little capitalism but their implementation and quality leaves something to be desired. In fact, these types I put in the same group as the “recent” influx of tourists and Brazil-groupies who show fake-interest (if I may call it that) in Brazil.

Not to get too off-topic but I’ve spoken with gringos in Rio who’ve been there for many, many years and they detest the “new Rio” (of the last several years). Of course, they’re referring to the Zona Sul, but I digress.

For Brazil-groupies, Brazil as a deeply interesting place is replaced with surface-Brazil, to the likes of which Paris Hilton might say “that’s hot” (and then move on). There’s definitely a reason I look fondly upon my time living in Natal in Rio Grande do Norte….small and quiet with a coastline and a sea of warm water. Plus, it’s tough to beat leaving my apartment in swim trunks and flip-flops only and walking down to a beautiful and peaceful beach in about 4-minutes flat.

While everyone awaits the big gaming events, I await the hopeful calm after the storm.


One thought on “Keeping up with Brazil

  1. Wow, thanks man! I feel most honoured to be on that list. Scharlab is pretty much the only reason I use Twitter :)

    I know what you mean with that last sentence. With all the fuss and outside obsession, there are times when I wish we could just get these events over with and move on!

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