Poeme-se: Business of poetry

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(“Procure-se…Mario Quintana”)

And in the beginning was the word. Thus arose Poeme-se, a brand defined by its creators as an ’empresa-verso ‘ (a company of verses). It was during their honeymoon that ad-man Gledson Rio Machado and his wife, Gabriella Santoro, had the idea to create the first poetic brand in the market.

The desire to live off art was already old and during classes of spoken poetry in the Casa Poema, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, they had the insight to put together poetic interventions with a business model that is currently the entrepreneur’s only source of income.

In the beginning, the entrepreneurs bought shirts from other brands and applied the prints. Today, they make the shirts and offer other products such as bags, coasters, mugs and cushions, which are produced in São Paulo and Minas Gerais. The price of each shirt ranges from R$35 to R$54.

“The first year was about the creation of the business plan, when we got to know the market and the feasibility. The end of 2011 was, in fact, the moment we entered the market. We were invited by the organizations Feira do Rio Antigo and the Babilônia Feira Hype to participate in events,” says the founder of the brand.

From the need to expand the business to social networks, Poeme-se got a partner, publicist, designer and also lover of poetry, Philip Carrico, 25, responsible for the administration of social media, the online store and part of the creation of graphic materials and prints.

“In 2012, we got partnerships with important literary and fashion segments, strengthening our presence at events like the Literary Festival of Santa Teresa (FLIST) and the Paraty International Literary Festival (FLIP). Now, we’re reinforcing the Poeme-se concept physically to São Paulo, along with Poesis, the company responsible for managing the soirees of Casa das Rosas,” says Carrico.

The business, which began in November 2010, was worth R$43 thousand in sales in the first quarter of 2013. Last year, with the investment in the online store and retail outlets, the entrepreneurs were able to triple the turnover compared to 2011, reaching R$54 thousand.

The Poeme-se brand is currently maintaining a showroom at Rio’s Casa Poema, owned by the actress Elisa Lucinda. The company’s plan, however, points towards opening a physical store, also in Rio by next year. – Source (PT)


E para quem realmente gosta de poesia, veja o documentário sobre Manoel de Barros.

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