For the Love of Forró – film

This great little documentary was made in 2008 by Adriana Caitano and Galton Sé, journalism graduates from the University of Brasília. The film shows the pé-de-serra movement, composed principally of young people from southcentral Brazil who idolize the more traditional forró, disseminated by Luiz Gonzaga in the 50s, and based on the accordian-triangle-bass drum formation. These forró lovers research the musical style, listen to vinyls and get together several times a year in festivals where forró is played 24 hours per day. In the film, three such festivals are shown: Rootstock (SP), RioRoots (RJ) and Festival Nacional de Forró de Itaúnas (ES).

(There are English subtitles but you may have to activate them by clicking the video’s ‘caption’ button on the Youtube site.)

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Forró – film

  1. This blog is so nice! I love coming here to see what you have to say and share about Brazil. By the way, I’m a brazilian journalist ;)

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