“I never thought they’d shoot”

As the protests continue in São Paulo and erupt in Rio (where the news channels covering the protests had their signals cut in place of covering the soccer game), TV Folha does an excellent job (PT) of showing what’s going on. One of the people interviewed in the video states that the police re/action is due to lack of training and preparation. I’m not sure I buy that, perhaps partially but not fully. If you have a group of photojournalists on the sidelines, throwing no rocks and causing no problems, and they’re being fired upon, what’s lacking is not training, but common sense. And photojournalists are just one example, there are old people getting shot, by-standers, people simply filming from the “safety” of their apartments high above the ground.

It might have started because of 20 cents but it’s really about 20+ years of living in a so-called democracy while being treated like shit.


For a less professional, non-press video than what’s below, go here. For first and secondhand accounts, go here. The video below has English captions that can be enabled.


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