Something positive from the protests

(82 years old, I didn’t come to play around. I came to protest)

Aside from the whole of Brazil, both young and old, waking up and taking to the streets, a few good things are coming from all the protests. Surely, there’s many more good deeds than the few things I listed below so, if you know of any, leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to this post.


– 11 Brazilian cities promised to lower bus fares as a result of the protests. Cuiabá and Recife reduced theirs by R$0.10, João Pessoa, Porto Alegre and Goiânia are cancelling their planned increase. Curitiba, Manaus, Natal and Vitória reduced their bus fares by a percentage while Blumenau and Caxias do Sul said they would review the process/prices. Meanwhile, in São Paulo, where it all started, Mayor Haddad said he might, depending on further review, bring the fares back down to R$3 from R$3.20. In Rio, Mayor Paes said he is looking to meet with protest leaders and hopes to freeze bus fares at R$2.75. – Source (PT)

– On Tuesday night on Avenida Paulista, in a show of solidarity, police officers were met with much applause when they sat with activists. (Video below)

– Fabrício Ferreira is the guy who watched (PT) his car being set on fire by some hoodlums in the middle of a (mostly) peaceful protest on Monday in Rio de Janeiro. The car was an uninsured ’93 Ford but Fabrício was still making payments on it. Inside the car were many pieces of lingerie that his wife was going to sell. The cost in damages was around R$6,000, and that’s when Brazilian Facebook members decided to do a “vaquinha” (to chip in) to help…but it wasn’t necessary, being that Pedro Augusto, host of a show on Rádio Tupi was moved by the story and decided to take over the debt, reimburse the owner for the burned lingerie and give him a brand new car! Fabrício, by the way, works at Rádio Tupi. (Video of the offer below, source, PT)

– Finally, this video is just nice to see. Brazilians in the Pinheiros metro station in São Paulo singing the national anthem.



– A female police commander was isolated and in the midst of the Belo Horizonte protesters when a few good men, also protesters, escorted her to safety. I hope the same would have occurred had she been male.


6 thoughts on “Something positive from the protests

  1. A few good things? I think there’s a hell of a lot of good things coming from the protests! (unfortunately there are a few idiots vandalising). The reductions in bus fares will no doubt be welcome but actually I worry that the protests may lose momentum – I hope that Brazilians keep fighting for the many other greater issues at stake.
    Here’s one of the best good deeds to add to your list:

    The female police commander got isolated amongst the protestors in Belo Horizonte on Monday – I think she was trying to dialogue with the leaders. When things started getting violent, the protestors escorted her safely out to her colleagues. Despite the media bias towards the violence and damage, most of the protestors are peaceful.

    • Thanks, Tom. I agree that many (so-far, mainly intangible) good things can come from all this but it is my fear as well is that it dies off soon before those things become tangible.

      I’ll add the female police commander news. Cheers

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  3. Definitely and not just political education, but also perseverance, which is something brazilians have been silenced by the authorities simply ignoring them. But they are receiving answers, and its working!

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