1 million Brazilians

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(Gol Contra = Own Goal)

Even the soccer stars are not immune (Ronaldo said, “you can’t make a World Cup with a hospital”). As more than 1 million Brazilians (BBC, NYT) took to the streets of Brazil last night, Globo, of all broadcasters, put out a good 22 minute video split between the protests in Brazil and how they fit within the larger worldwide movement. About 40% of the video is in English.

In terms of some general info on the protesters, Datafolha has some data, at least for those on the streets in São Paulo.

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6 thoughts on “1 million Brazilians

  1. Awesome! International media covering it better than the national media!

    I just find it weird that people are “against politicians”. Many decisions can be direct (via plebiscites\referedum, district representation, etc), but politicians are a necessary evil in certain themes that involve long term planning.

    The behavior of a politician can and should be criticized instead. I’d like to see more protesters focus on “demanding proper judgements about laws making and public management” instead of “against specific politicians”.

    If we remove the undoubtedly corrupt head of senate (he was condemned by the supreme court, so we can say undoubtedly), his sucessor will behave as badly as him. Unless people say what they really want of this head.

    • I think people should be against politicians (at least in each and every circumstance where they don’t follow their promises). Cities should stop functioning when any important political promise is not being fulfilled. And if the balance tips to where the politician has not kept enough of the important promises, then they (and maybe even their party) should be promptly voted out next election.

  2. I think it’s important to highlight here the size of the manifestations as how they are being conveyed by the media. Although I’m sure that no serious site/blog would quote the numbers from unsecure sources, it is quite obvious for anyone who knows those cities that the numbers being told by the main media is way below what should be. I’m no good at math myself, but even I could see that the counting Globo did for Carnival was way above the one they gave for the protests last week, for the same space (Avenida Presidente Vargas, RJ). They claim to be using official sources, and I do not doubt that, but 300 thousand seems too little for the crowd who took up the same avenue than the Carnival blocs of Preta Gil, Monobloco and Bola Preta (all accounted to have more than one million each), just to name a few who have occupied the same space, if not smaller ones.

    Good coverage, by the way! :)

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