Interested in Brazil’s cultural powerhouse?

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 7.54.26 PM

I’ve mentioned Eyes On Recife a few times on this blog before and I thought once more couldn’t hurt. As it stands, I’ve got over 100 posts about the city and the local culture, and 50 people receiving each post in their email box!

So if you want to know why many people, Brazilians and foreigners alike, mention Recife (and Olinda) as one of Brazil’s cultural hotspots, reading Eyes on Recife does a good job on telling you why. In the meantime, academic types should feel free to check out the Research Papers page for downloadable PDFs on Recife, while others can check out a biologist who brings color and life to the caatinga, the history behind Casas Pernambucanas (and why Pernambuco isn’t home to one), the legacy of the multi-talented Mestre Salu, Olinda’s mamulengo museum, Black Tuesdays celebrating Afro-Brazilian culture, what made the Boa Viagem neighborhood so coveted, or why Recife is called the Brazilian Venice.

I’ll leave you with Master Spok’s frevo concert.


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