Listening comprehension? Youtube has you covered

(a shot of the TV Folha newsroom)

After all this time, I still really love hearing Brazilian Portuguese, and I also love finding new ways to hear it. With the Internet these days, doing so is not so hard but finding a sustained listening experience isn’t always as easy. Over the years, I’ve come across a few means of finding a fix for my needs and I’d like to share them with you.

TV Cultura

One Youtube feed I discovered just recently is the TV Cultura channel which, among other things, hosts an interview show called Provocações with presenter Antônio Abujamra. The show, which went on the air in 2000, shows interviews that are interweaved with recited poems and “vozes das ruas” (opinions from people on the street). Abujamra interviews intellectuals, artists, celebrities and even everyday people. Check out his recent interview with Serginho Groisman, presenter of another show, Altas Horas.

(if Provocações isn’t your thing, try out Repórter Ecoalso on TV Cultura)

TV Folha

Another Youtube channel I discovered last year is that of TV Folha, part of São Paulo’s Folha newspaper. The format is different, in that it’s news-oriented, and the topics are varied. Below is part of last week’s show, and on their channel you can find many more like it.

Globo Rural

While not a channel, there are many videos on Youtube with episodes or segments of Globo Rural which, as its name infers, covers rural topics. I’ve seen only a few but the ones I saw were interesting. Below, you’ll see a segment on Zabé da Loca, a flute player from the northeast.


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