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Since I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, I thought it wise to start a local links page on Brazilian hang-outs. They will be placed in sections with either their website and/or their contact info. Enjoy!


Rio California
1233 Preservation Park Way
Oakland, CA

Brazil Fresh Squeeze Cafe
2161 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA

1686 Market St
San Francisco, CA

Canto do Brasil
41 Franklin St
San Francisco, CA

Sunstream Cafe
2884 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA

Bossa Nova
139 8th St
San Francisco, CA

Cleos Steakhouse
451 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA

Picanha’s Brazilian Steakhouse
25 W. Richmond Ave
Richmond, CA


Brazil Marin
1435 4th St. Suite E
San Rafael, CA

Mercado Brazil
1252 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA

Bossa Nova Brasil
10468 San Pablo Avenue
El Cerrito, CA

Supermercado Brasileiro
175 W. 25th Ave
San Mateo, CA

Touch of Brasil
2882 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA






Friends of Brazil

Portuguese Language

Portuguese @ UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
(510) 740-0220

San Francisco, CA

Portuguese Brazil School
500 Sutter Street, Suite 310
San Francisco, CA


Consulate of Brazil
300 Montgomery Street, Suite 900
San Francisco, CA


Capoeira Arts Center (Point of Culture)
3221 22nd St. at Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

Centro Comunitário Brasileiro

Zambaleta World Music and Dance School
2929 19th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


70 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. Hi,

    I’m doing a report on Brazilians in the Bay Area and your website is very helpful. Do you know if there is any one area in the Bay or San Francisco that is home to a large population or following of Brazilians?



    • Thanks, Bria. I would definitely say South San Francisco is home to the largest population of Brazilians here. I can’t even think of any place that would come in second to that as the other areas pale in comparision to S.SF. Within the area, I would say Daly City, San Bruno, Milpitas, and Pacifica have the most. Looking at the local FedEx depot would be a start as there’s always Brazilians there.

  2. I’m a Brazilian-American seeking a Casa De Macumba in the San Francisco bay area to worship. Would anyone provide a address or link to people or organizations?

  3. Hey , I have a different kind of question…I am a Casting Director in SF and many people have told me to contact your place. I was wondering if you know any people that are Portuguese. I am doing an ad for a popular Tech company , which is looking for folks to speak Portuguese as their native tongue. They would get $600 for a few hours to be in the ad ( web and trade shows) , saying just a few lines. Do you know people that would be interested or where is a good place to look for people? I would appreciate any help!


    We are looking for people that speak FRENCH , SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, JAPANESE, CHINESE ( CANTONESE OR MANDARIN), RUSSIAN, GERMAN , HINDI /INDIAN LANGUAGES , OR THE LANGUAGE THAT YOU SPEAK ….IS THIS YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE ? Thank you so much for your time and interest!! $600 for the shoot day., just a few hours

    We looking for a wide range of folks to portray langauges from around the world / different ethnicities / ages / native languages for a popular technology company ( which produce software/hardware). We will let you know the company when I give you audition time.

    This is an ad to be used on the internet and at trade shows. You will be paid $600 for your time ( a few hours)

    If you know others that speak your’s or other langauges and are from that country, please note it , and we will bring them into the casting. we are looking for several folks to represent many countries.

    We need to get representatives from Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America. Languages we are thinking are as follows: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Indian, Russian, German, Cantonese, Japanese, etc, etc….

    Please note if you know someone else that could be interested. they can email me at

    **If you have suggestions of where to find others that speak your language or another langauge, PLEASE let me know. I will need a lot of help filling up these language needs :)

    There will a short audition in a casting studio in downtown san francisco, Saturday Oct. 17th , whatever time works for you. You will be in and out in 30 minutes.

    If the clients want to meet you for a ‘callback’, you would come back to the studio for a quick meeting on Tues., October 20th.

    If you are booked , the shoot will be in Oakland at a soundstage on Thursday, October 22nd. They will need for about 3 hours., and you will be paid $600.

    Thank you for any help!!

    Look forward to meeting you !! ( please email here, rather than reply)


    PLease email back:

    1. in subject line please note language you speak/ approx age.

    2. please note that you are available for above dates ( sat. 10/17 audition. tues . 10/20 callback, thurs 10/22 shoot) , and what time works best for you on Sat. 10/17 at a studio in downtown SF.

    3. please send a photo , if you have one, to put in my files.

    4. your contact info.

    Thanks again!

    Kristen ( please email here , rather than ‘reply’ )


    • Hi Kristen,

      Well, if you would like to find Portuguese people, I suggest San Jose as there are many living in that area. If my memory serves me, there are a few Portuguese restaurants down in that direction. As for Brazilians, they are everywhere. In SF, you could put an ad up in Sun Stream Coffee at 2884 Geary, its a Brazilian hangout.

      Hope that helps a bit otherwise my links page should give you a good couple places to start your search!

    • Hi Kristen,
      I think I saw this ad late to reply. I don’t leave in S.F. but I was wondering if you still need Brazilian to work with on Ads or commercials. If so please let me know. You can send me an e-mail with any questions you may have it.
      Thank you,
      Daniel Monteiro

  4. Hi,
    I was hoping you could provide a link to the Zambaleta World Music and Dance School in the Mission, SF. They have Brazilian dance classes, Bossa Nova guitar classes, and a Musica Popular Brasileira class as well. It’s a great community resource!


    Grant Z.

    Zambaleta World Music and Dance School
    2929 19th Street
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    (415) 341-1333

  5. Hi,

    I am writing a report analyzing the potential for opening Target stores in Brazil. This is for school only – not something for the actual Target Corporation. I would be interested in knowing if you think Target would be well accepted in Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio area). We thought that the higher level of design, combined with the low prices might appeal. Especially if the store were to offer clothing, houseware lines by Brazilian designers. In general our approach would be to source from Brazil suppliers as much as possible. I don’t have the impression that Brazilians are all that crazy for US goods.

    Any comment would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Oi!
    I just came back from spending 18 months in Brazil, and am missing it already!
    Quero conhecer Brasileiros/as! Also, I’m frustrated to find that many jobs I am looking at require fluency in Spanish. Are there any jobs in San Francisco for portuguese speakers?

    • Hi Mary,

      For Brazilians and Brazil-lovers, I suggest the SF Portuguese community and for jobs, try searching Craigslist under jobs for the keyword Portuguese (although jobs needing Portuguese speakers are usually specialized with the added requirement of having to know Portuguese). Welcome back!

    • Hi MaryLiz, how´s it going?

      Look, I´m a Brazilian, all right, and I´ll be vacationing at San Fran this late August/early September, I´ll be on a rather tight schedule, though, however, if you´re still interested in meeting up with Brazilians, in practicing your Portuguese well, here´s your chance, we could set up a meeting, in fact I think it´ll be just great, since I love SF but I don´t know anyone in there. I can speak English, Spanish and a little French as well (Portuguese of course!) and I would love to talk about Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and stuff like that with you, here´s my e-mail address:
      Drop me a line whenever you wish to practice your Portuguese, or to know things about Brazil, feel free to contact me, then I can fill you in with more details about myself and my vacations in SF, deal?

  7. Oi! Hi!
    I’m happy to have found you! I was wondering if you know about a Brazilian church in the San Francisco area or surrounding cities. Also, I have kids and would love to find a way for them to meet other children who speak Portuguese; any ideas?
    Obrigada :)

  8. I’d like to find some Brazilian magazines on home decor like Casa Claudia, Minha Casa, Casa & Construção, or something similar. Do you know of anywhere in the Bay Area I could find these?


  9. hi,
    i’m wondering if you know anything about health care services with portuguese-speaking providers in san francisco…are there certain clinics where brazilians go for health care, or places that would benefit from having a portuguese-speaking doctor?

  10. I’m Brazilian, is been 5 years that I live here in San Francisco and I don’t have any Brazilian friend… I can’t speak Portuguese no more… I’m too much Americalized :)

    • Hi Rafael, my name is Muriel and I moved here 1 year ago with my husband, who is brazilian as well. I feel the same way, actually I don’t have friends at all, neither brazilians or americans. I live in Santa Rosa and I will be moving to SF in January, sooo…let’s keep in touch.

    • Hello Rafael, how´s it going? Listen, I´ll be travelling to SF next month, spend a couple of days there between late August and early September, I´m from Rio de Janeiro, I think we could keep in touch, here´s my e-mail address: I hope to hear from you!

      • Hi Mariana!

        I´ll be in San Fran next month and would love to get to know some people as well, perhaps we could meet up and hang around, I´ll add you to my FB then, so that we can keep in touch. If you wanna write to me that´s ok, my email´s Abraço!

      • Oi Claudio,
        agora eu estou no Rio e volto para SF no mes que vem, dia 15. Querendo encontrar por aqui pelo rio, trocar uma ideia e tomar um chopp ou cafe …sei la entre em contato =). meu email e e meu FB e mariana guichard. abraco e ate!!

  11. Hi, I was searching online for some local Brazilian communities and came across your site. I work for a gaming company in Santa Clara and we’re currently looking for people who speak Brazilian Portuguese to join our international team. If you know anyone who speaks the language and might be interested in working for a gaming company, can you ask them to contact me at Do you know any other sites/places where I can outreach to the Brazilian community? Thank you for your help!

      • Hi Adam,

        Yea I already look at the links you posted here and contacted some of the communities. Thanks for the resources. If you happen to come across any Brazilian who might be interested in our job, can you ask them to contact me as well? Thanks again! :)

  12. Hi Adam,

    I’m Brazilian and just arrived in San Francisco. I was living in Miami since December and moved here with my husband. I was looking your website, which has a lot of good information about Brazilian community. Do you happen to know any job opportunities that maybe request Portuguese speaker? Or maybe Brazilian companies or companies that are working with Brazil?

    Thank you,


  13. A playful portuguese class for kids (ages 1 – 4 years) MUNDO DA ÇRIANCA at seesaw studio in hayes valley. Taught by Betania Bezerra. Visit

  14. Hi , I am brazilian living in Santa Rosa area. I really want to find some brazilian friends. I teach Portuguese language to americans and also work with students from Brazil that want to study english in US.

    Thank you

    • Oi Virginia, moro em San Francisco e tambem gostaria de conhecer alguns brasileiros por aqui. Sei que tem alguns brasileiros em Berkeley, mas nunca fui la… Me adicione no FB: Barbara Queiroz
      Podemos combinar um cafezinho. Abracos.

      • Olá Virginia e Barbara,

        Eu acabei de voltar do Brasil umas duas semanas atras e ainda to sentindo muita falta. Estou procurando algumas pessoas que querem sair e conversar Portuguese conmigo. Morro entre Oakland e Berkeley. Seria muito legal encontrar alugmas amigas Brasileiras. Eu tenho cara de Brasileira e falo muito bem o Portuguese só que não quer esquecer como falar! Feliz ano novo e tomara que nos podemos nos encontrar em breve. Abraços

    • oi virginia eu tb moro em santa rosa vc quer me ad no orkut?coloca la saudades do meu brasil e vc deve me achar!:-)agente pode bater um papo

  15. Olá Bárbara

    Que bom receber seu reply.
    Estou tentando te adicionar no FB mas tem várias outras. Melhor vc me acrescentar Virginia Romero (vai aparecer cidade de Campinas, SP).

    até breve

      • Olá Barbara
        Mandei uma mensagem no seu facebook, recebeu?
        Estou pensando em ir a SF na proxima semana, para dar um passeio, quem sabe podemos tomar um café. É dificil para vc durante a semana?

  16. Boa tarde,
    Estou produzindo um episodio para um programa da Globo Internacional. Para o proximo episodio, gostariamos de focar em brasilieiros que trabalham diretamente com o movimento verde, “green movement” em San Francisco. Se tiver informacao de alguem, por favor entre em cotacto comigo.


  17. Olá! Sabem onde será possivel assistir a final da libertadores no proximo dia 4 de julho em Sao Francisco??

  18. Oi! Sou um sueco que estou a viajar para SF em Setembro para atender um congresso de trabalho. Durante a visita estou procurando achar um cavaquinho legal – não se vende na Suécia – para levar à casa. Tem uma loja de instrumentos musicais brasileiros em SF?

    Obrigado a quem possa me ajudar!

    Cumprimentos da Suécia

  19. Fala rapaziada!

    Sou carioca da gema, nascido e criado no Rio de Janeiro e estarei indo passar minhas próximas férias em SF, entre final de agosto e início de setembro, estou com a agenda apertada e lotada de coisas para fazer, ainda assim, gostaria muito de me corresponder com brasileiros, bem como com outras pessoas que gostariam de conviver com brasileiros, falar (ou praticar) português, etc. Vou levar minha mãe para conhecer a cidade, pois é um sonho que ela tem e como ela não fala nada de inglês, me voluntariei para acompanhá-la, não queria não, afinal, São Franciso é horrível, né! Ehehehhe! Então assim seria mais interessante ainda se pudéssemos conhecer alguns brasileiros ou portugueses, que porventura estejam de passagem no mesmo período, ou mesmo americanos que falem o idioma, pois minha mãe sente falta de falar o próprio idioma nas viagens e de se corresponder com gente do Brasil/Portugal. Portanto, quem quiser marcar alguma coisa, manda um e-mail para mim, Eu falo português (claro!), inglês e espanhol fluentemente e sou aluno avançado de francês. Grande abraço!

    Claudio Rodrigues

    Hi there folks!

    I´ll be travelling to San Fran this late August and I really would like to meet up people who want to hang out with Brazilians, you know, just to speak some portuguese, for those who want to learn, have some fun and all, I´ll be taking my old mom to visit SF, since she can´t speak any English, I volunteered to join her, of course! So, I think it would be great if only she could meet up and talk to some people who can talk her own idiom, like Brazilians, Portugueses and Americans who happen to know the language alike. For those who want to join us please, feel free to contact me at I can speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and some French as well!

    Claudio Rodrigues

  20. Ola!!! Uma brasileira visitando San Francisco . Gostaria de saber se há uma Nail SPA com manicure e pedicure brasileiras. Agradecida pela informação. Regina Tassitan

  21. Ola a todos,

    Sou brasileiro e fui transferido para a SF Bay area a uns meses. Moro em Sunnyvale/CA com a minha esposa e estamos tentando fazer uns amigos brasileiros. Ja faz uns 5 meses que moramos por aqui e fora o povo do trabalho nao temos muitos amigos. Eu e minha esposa gostariamos de fazer umas amizades brasileiras por aqui.

    Eu gosto de jogar futebol e estou procurando algo amistoso para jogar regularmente com brasileiros.



  22. Oi pessoal,
    bom, meu nome é Joana, sou do Rio de Janeiro e há 6 meses estou em San Francisco, ou melhor, em Pacifica.Fora o meu marido e o ciclo de amizade dele (que afinal são amigos dele, e não meus), não tenho ninguém, apenas uma amiga brasileira, mas que infelizmente não mora perto. Tenho me sentido extremamente sozinha e gostaria muito de conhecer brasileiros, fazer novas amizades (ou mesmo americanos que se interessem pelo Brasil). Gostaria também de saber se alguém tem alguma dica sobre como arranjar um emprego por aqui. Se alguém quiser entrar em contato, ficarei bem feliz… (

  23. Para todos os brasileiros aqui, eu recomendo o Meetup como um lugar onde se pode fazer amizades, tanto com outros brasileiros quanto com americanos. Eles não tem nada programado neste momento mas se inscrevendo (grátis), se pode sugerir um encontro.

    SF *Brazilian* Portuguese Language (and dancing!) Meetups

    San Francisco, CA
    2,036 Portuguese Speakers

    ABOUT USWe are a group of people living in the Bay Area who are passionate about everything related to Brazilian culture. This group started in 2006, in the past 4 years we’v…

    Next Meetup

    Brunch & Brazilian Music

    Sunday, Sep 7, 2014, 1:30 PM
    12 Attending

    Check out this Meetup Group →


  24. Hi, I am a Costarican that just moved to California and I do not know people that speak spanish here neither to many people. In the past, I lived in Greenbay for 4 months and met a lot of brazilians, which happen to be very friendly and happy. I would like to meet brasilian people while I am in California. I live in Fremont. Please write or send me an invitation to my facebook

  25. Boa Tarde! Eu sou o professor Antonio. Sou brasileiro, natural do RJ, e professor de sociologia e estudos interculturais na Covenant College, em Lookout Mountain, GA. Em maio, eu estarei levando um pequeno grupo de alunos meus da minha faculdade `a SF, para fazer um trabalho de pesquisa cultural (etnografia) por 3 semanas. O nosso enfoque será, como imigrantes brasileiros se adaptam `a nova vida em SF? Gostaríamos de entrevistar informalmente membros da comunidade brasileira (até aqueles que não estão legalizados) para podermos entender o processo de integração de brasileiros `a essa nova área. Se alguém quiser/puder nos apoiar na nossa pesquisa, agradecemos muito, e podem se comunicar comigo: – o website da faculdade é, e eu estou no depto. de sociologia. Muito obrigado!

    • Oi Antonio, tudo bem?

      Eu me chamo Murie e ha 3 anos Moro nos EUA. Morei em Berkeley (east Bay area) por dois anos e agora estou na Florida. Se eu puder ajudar daqui é só dizer.

      Boa sorte.

  26. Oi Muriel. Muito obrigado pelo contato. Estaremos em SF do dia 7 `a 25 de maio. O que seria mais útil pra nós, é se vc pudesse nos por em contato com brasileiros na área de SF, pois a nossa pesquisa terá o enfoque da Bay Area. Qualquer coisa, me avisa, e te agradeçemos já agora por qualquer assistência que vc puder nos dar. Um abraço.

  27. Hi everybody. My name is Virginia , I am brazilian living in Santa Rosa 1 hour north of San Francisco. I teach Portuguese, and I do translations. I am looking for brazilian friends in my area. If you know somebody, pls let me know. Does anyone know any Brazilian restaurant in Santa Rosa?

    Thank you

  28. Olá! My name is Kristina and I work at Yoshi’s SF. We get a lot of Brazilian artists that perform here. Past ones include: Dom La Nena, Jorge Ben Jor, and Pedro Sá Moraes. Coming up we have The Assad Family featuring Sergio, Odair, Clarice, Badi & Carolina. They will be playing songs from iconic Brazilian composers as well as their own original compositions.

    I’d really love to reach out to the Brazilian community of the Bay Area as I feel we haven’t quite reached them yet. Any suggestions for East Bay, SF, or Penninsula?

  29. $200 Paid Focus Group for Brazilians in Bay Area

    Need Brazilians who have lived in the States for 3 years or less.
    Meets in Palo Alto, 1.5 hour session pays you $200.
    Topic: Communicating with friends and family in Brazil

    Contact Debbie for details:

    If you could post or pass this all over the Bay area, much appreciated.

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