Two New Beatz

Here’s two songs off the newest Brazilian Beatz Podcast (Facebook page), an upbeat one called “No Balanço da Canoa” by Maga Bo and the other, already famous and a little more mellow, called Oração by A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade.

Moro no Brasil – Excellent Documentary

After years and years of wanting to see Moro no Brasil, I finally had the chance the other day and I liked it so much that I saw it twice in a row! It spends about 50 minutes on Pernambucan music, 10 minutes on music from Salvador and the rest (around 45 min) in Rio, on samba. When and if I ever get the time and money, I plan on documenting a similar journey throughout Brazil on a similarly interesting subject.

“Moro no Brasil (“I Live in Brazil”) is a musical journey that delves deeply into the heart of Brazil. Experience Brazilian culture and get to know its people with over 50 musical performances from the streets of Brazil, including interviews and performances by Walter Alfaiate & Seu Jorge, Antonio Nobrega, Darue Malungo, Silverio Pessoa, Margareth Menezes, Ivo Meirelles and more. Moro no Brasil is a stirring passionate documentary that grants the viewer unparalleled access to the diversity and musical richness of Brazilian music, reaching far beyond Samba and Bossa Nova. Writer/director Mika Kaurismaki’s musical journey covers 4,000 kilometers, with stopovers in Pernambuco, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, and presents the voyage from the roots of samba to its present-day excursions into rap and funk.”

You can buy the DVD here on Amazon (not an affiliate link)

Renata Rosa

I can’t stop listening to her music. Listen to more on Youtube.

“Renata Rosa grasps the mystic universe within the traditional chants from Brazil’s Northeast, highlighting the less regarded feminine influences of the outback’s popular culture.”

O Meu Amor – Lula Pena

I can’t get enough of Lula Pena, a Portuguese singer, who I’ve noticed does covers of some Brazilian songs. O Meu Amor by Chico Buarque, below, is one of those cases. Some say she sings fado but being a lover of fado, I see a distinction. Lula Pena does hauntingly beautiful renditions and if you can get your hands on her albums, Phados or Troubador, you’ll find more like the song below.

Here’s Chico’s version, though the recording quality and background instruments made it so-so, in my book. Also, you can read a little on her over at Eyes On Portugal.

Mariza – Transparente

Mozambique-born singer Mariza with dancer Patrick de Bana performing to African rhythms in FADOS, a film by Carlos Saura. The song is a tribute to her African grandmother. Her 2005 album, Transparente (Amazon), was recorded in Brazil and produced by Brazilian cellist Jacques Morelenbaum.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this video.