How to Parallel Park Your Mule in Ceará

To the unsuspecting visitor, it may seem that I’m posting this because I want to show that Brazil (or at least the Northeast) is backwards. Au contraire, mon ami. I love this part of Brazil and I wish the US was more like it but unfortunately this can only be found in ‘Amish country’. If going back to being simpler became a popular movement, I would certainly go live on a farm. Movement or not, I may end up doing it in a few decades.

Top Brazilian Memes of 2010

If you are in the mood to be annoyed by a horrible layer of classical music on top of a video of the ‘best’ Brazilian memes of 2010, click the video below. Or if you want to ignore that first sentence and see how well you pay attention to what is culturally relevant for kids in Brazil, click the video below. If neither of the two, skipping the video is your best bet.

Mind Games In Portuguese

Let’s test your mental capacity to understand Portuguese, even when it’s jumbled. Many of us, I’m sure, have seen these in English. The second example is even more ridiculous. Have fun!

“De aorcdo com uma peqsiusa de uma uinrvesriddae ignlsea, não ipomtra em qaul odrem as lteras de uma plravaa etãso, a úncia csioa iprotmatne é que a piremria e útmlia lteras etejasm no lgaur crteo. O rseto pdoe ser uma bçguana ttaol, que vcoê anida pdoe ler sem pobrlmea. Itso é poqrue nós não lmeos cdaa ltera isladoa, mas a plravaa cmoo um tdoo. Sohw de bloa.”

“35T3 P3QU3N0 T3XTO 53RV3 4P3N45 P4R4 M05TR4R COMO NO554 C4B3Ç4 CONS3GU3 F4Z3R CO1545 1MPR3551ON4ANT35! R3P4R3 N155O! NO COM3ÇO 35T4V4 M310 COMPL1C4DO, M45 N3ST4 L1NH4 SU4 M3NT3 V41 D3C1FR4NDO O CÓD1GO QU453 4UTOM4T1C4M3NT3, S3M PR3C1S4R P3N54R MU1TO, C3RTO? POD3 F1C4R B3M ORGULHO5O D155O! SU4 C4P4C1D4D3 M3R3C3! P4R4BÉN5!”