Tell This To Your 231 Friends

Brazilians have, on average, 231 friends on their social networks, only behind Malaysians who have 233, according to a study put out this Sunday by the international research company TNS. The study, done with 48.8 thousand people between ages 16 and 60 in 46 countries, shows that the Japanese are still the least ‘friended’ (with 29 friends on average), followed by the Tanzanians (38) and the South Koreans (50). – Source (in PT)

No surprise there but this whole idea of what a friend is has lost all meaning worldwide. There was a time when one reached the end of their life, if they had 4 or 5 real, true friends, that they were lucky. Now, everything has been ‘carnivalized’ to stupidity and we ‘like’ things instead of discuss them and add ‘friends’ instead of make them.