Obama and the Brazilians who’ll serve him

“Barack Obama will soon follow in the footsteps of US Presidents Bill Clinton and John F Kennedy by holidaying on Martha’s Vineyard. But behind the scenes of the exclusive island getaway, BBC Brasil’s Bruno Garcez finds an army of immigrant Brazilian workers tending lawns and waiting on tables.

“During his visit to Martha’s Vineyard, Barack Obama will play golf in a course set up by Brazilians, eat meals prepared by Brazilian cooks and swim in a pool which was cleaned by workers from Brazil.” So predicts Mauricio Brandao, a 28-year-old Brazilian who has spent the past 12 years in Martha’s Vineyard, a sophisticated resort and a traditional summer destination for Hollywood stars and politicians.

Ironically, a Brazilian who paved the way for many more of his countrymen to come to Martha’s Vineyard was named after an American president. Forty-six-year-old Lyndon Johnson Pereira, from the small Brazilian town of Goiabeira, arrived in Martha’s Vineyard in 1986. “I was the first Brazilian there,” he said proudly. – BBC (more here)