Assistir (a) – To Watch/Attend

I was reading some things on Por Trás das Letras when I saw a post (in PT) on the verb and usage of assistir. Basically, what is said on that post is that no one anymore uses the required ‘a’ which comes after the verb and it’s not a right or wrong thing anymore but a cultural thing. According to linguist Marcos Bagno, the verb went through a semantic change, or change in meaning, and what resulted was a syntactic change as well. Even cultured people are accepting such changes and adopting them.

Phrases like ‘eu assisti ao jogo‘ (I watched the game) are now said and written as ‘eu assisti o jogo‘. If we were to use a feminine noun such as peça (play) then what should be ‘eu assisti à peça‘ is now ‘eu assisti a peça‘. So who is wrong? Bagno says that those who don’t wake up to the fact that language is alive are likely to be living in the past.

Pois é.