Brazil’s Raw Materials and the Chinese Bikini problem

“Do you want to see Jesus?” the helicopter pilot asked us. It would be an unusual offer from anyone, but from a pilot it would normally be a cause for serious concern.”

An excellent opening (from a writer’s perspective) for a BBC article on Brazil, Batista and the Chinese connection. The media can’t get enough of Batista, it seems. For the audio on this story, see the latest podcast and start at minute 18 and 20 seconds.

Who decided Brazil was cool?

As a bit of a continuation of the Rio Gringo post I did, I found an article from the BBC from 2004 called “Who decided Brazil was cool?” in which the author attempts to describe why there is (was) a run on all things Brazilian (at least in the UK). At one point, the author writes…

“Not only is the world looking to Brazil for inspiration, Brazil itself is growing in confidence to break free of its stereotype of football, carnivals and samba.”

…yet the entire article revolves around these very things, stereotypes, complete with photos of Carnival dancers, the Christ statue, a screen shot from City of God, etc. I would think that in writing such a statement, one would wish to show instead of just tell. In the comment field, Ana from Brazil who lives in the UK, says…

“I am really happy to see that Brazil is getting a reputation as a country that has more to offer than samba, football and coffee.”

Even though the article she presumably just read, relates to those exact things. I think what the author of the article meant when she chose a title is, “Brazil is very cool…especially when just skimming the surface.” 

Here is the BBC article.

I suggest that the author take a look through my site and realize that if one wants to decide if Brazil is cool or not, its simply a matter of taking a deeper look.