Basic Goodbye Phrases in Portuguese

Originally, this was a video lesson but the video was deleted.

Tchau – Goodbye
Até mais – Until further
Até logo – Until later
Até então – Until then
Até a próxima – Until the next time
Até já – Until later (as in sooner than later)
A gente se vê – We’ll be seeing each other
A gente se fala – We’ll be talking to each other
Falou – He/She/It spoke. Final word
Tenho que ir – I have to go. Seems like ‘queir’
Tô indo – I am going (Estou = tô, just faster)
Beijos – Kisses
Abraço(s) – Hug(s)
Eu vou embora – I am going away
Bora – Short for ‘lets go’
Bora bora – Short for ‘lets go right now’.
Estou fora – I’m out (of here)
Vou nessa – I’m out of here
Já volto – I already return. Meaning I’ll be right back
Adeus – Goodbye (has a certain finality to it)

Other alternatives
Beijinhos – Little kisses
Beijão – Big kiss
Até breve – Until soon (rarely used)
Até amanhã – Until tomorrow
Boa noite – Good night