Tropa de Elite 2 – Box Office Hit

This past weekend, the sequel to the immensely popular film Tropa de Elite came out and so far, it’s a hit at the box office in Brazil. I haven’t seen it yet so I’m not sure whether that’s due to its predecessor or if the sequel really is as good. Over 1.2 million people went to see it in the cinemas (as opposed to buying it from a street vendor, which this time was strictly controlled) making it the fifth best premiere in Brazilian cinema and the best premiere of a sequel ever. So far, it has made R$14 million.

Kidnapping (Brazil’s Image)

After a few slow news days, the talk of the town is Sequestro, a new documentary film about the Anti-Kidnapping Unit in São Paulo. While I’m sure it will be entertaining on the level of Elite Squad, it won’t help Brazil’s image abroad being that of a place of violence. On the other hand, we have the upcoming animation called Rio, so those are your apparent choices.

I’ll forever remember taking my friend to the cinema to watch City of God and when we left, he said if Brazil is like that, he has no interest in ever going there. Of course, this is a stupid comment but I imagine it passing through the minds of many viewers who previously knew close to nothing about Brazil. Interesting, though, that in American action movies, the American characters go abroad to blow up someone else’s country yet in Brazilian films that are successful in the international arena, they enact violence against themselves. Both characterizations aren’t far from reality but with the ever-increasing use of computers in our daily lives, reality isn’t what it used to be. Living vicariously is just more entertaining.

If anyone really wants to show an anti-kidnapping film about Brazil, they should make a film about us Brazil bloggers (half-joking) since we tend to focus on stopping Brazil’s image from being kidnapped for dubious reasons.

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Movie Review of Sequestro.

The Brazilian Films Post

My post several months ago on the 90 or so Brazilian films I had seen up until that time has received quite a lot of attention since its publishing. The strange part is I can only tell that based on its view count, not the initial comments (meaning the views keep increasing but the comments stopped early on). Just as secretly as people have been viewing it, I have secretly been updating the list every month or so and now it stands at 121 films (90%+ which I recommend watching). Here’s the list once more, updated of course, for your browsing pleasure.

Every Brazilian Film I’ve Ever Seen

Training your Ears with Film

The other day, I did a post on training your ears through news websites (specifically, their multimedia sections) and today on Eyes On Brazil, I did a post featuring the titles of the close to 100 Brazilian films that I’ve seen over the years. It’s not only a great way to train your ears but there’s a lot to gain culturally by watching them.

Feel free to check out my list (most of which I recommend) here.

Two full-length Brazilian films on Youtube

I’m not sure when it changed but sometime in the last several months, Youtube started allowing full length films instead of its normal 10 minute limit on each video. There are two I’ve noticed which are Brazilian and which have good ratings on IMDB, although they don’t come with subtitles.

Cinema, Aspirina & Urubus
(A road movie about a German man who went to the North East of Brazil in the 1942 to sell Aspirin)

O Prisioneiro Da Grade de Ferro
(Documentary about Carandiru Penitentiary, with scenes filmed by the prisoners themselves)

Tropa de Elite & Film Piracy in Brazil

Tropa de Elite or The Elite Squad in English, is a Brazilian film released on October 5, 2007. The movie is a semi-fictional account of the BOPE (Portuguese: Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais), the Special Police Operations Battalion of the Rio de Janeiro Military Police. It is the second feature film and first fiction film of director José Padilha, who had previously directed the acclaimed documentary Bus 174. The script was based on the book Elite da Tropa by sociologist Luiz Eduardo Soares and two former BOPE captains, André Batista and Rodrigo Pimentel.


The movie, set in 1997, depicts the story of Captain Nascimento (played by famous Brazilian actor Wagner Moura), a BOPE captain, who with the imminent birth of his first child, is determined to leave the battalion and find a safer position for the sake of his family, but first he must find a suitable replacement for himself. At the same time, the movie focuses on two childhood friends, Matias and Neto, who become cadets in the military police, but become dismayed at the corruption surrounding them. Eventually, both Nascimento and the cadets’ paths intersect, when the captain hopes that one of the two may become the substitute he is eager to find, as both decide to join the BOPE.

The book was controversial at the time of release, and reportedly resulted in Batista being reprimanded and censored by the Military Police. The book was controversial in its description of the BOPE as a “killing machine”, as well as detailing an alleged aborted assassination attempt on then-governor Leonel Brizola.

Leaked on the Streets

In August 2007, prior to the movie’s release to theaters, a preliminary cut of the film was leaked and made available for download on the Internet. The cut, which included English title cards but no subtitles, was leaked from the company responsible for subtitling the film, resulting in one person being fired and a criminal investigation. It was estimated that about 11.5 million people had seen the leaked version of the movie in 2007. This constituted a first in Brazilian cinema, as it was the first film to be pirated before its release in the cinema, something that isn’t unheard of in the Western world.

In Boston, I heard the film was being sold by paperboys who hid the film in the newspaper and priced each copy at $10. If you do find it online, it should offer English subtitles or you can go to

In terms of Brazilian film piracy in general, Brazil is huge when it comes to how much international (complete with Portuguese subtitles) and national media content is available online to Portuguese speakers.


Tropa de Elite became one of the most popular Brazilian movies in history. According to Data Folha which does statistics, 77% of São Paulo residents knew about the movie. The word of mouth was also extremely good with 80% of the people rating the movie as excellent or good according to the same company. The movie was released in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo on October 5,2007, with a nationwide release on October 12, 2007. Up to now 2.5 million people have seen it at the theaters. In Rio and São Paulo, with no promotion other than billboards, 180,000 people saw the movie during its opening weekend.

The movie was also the cover for three of Brazil’s most important weekly magazines, VejaCarta Capital and Época. On the beginning of 2008, it was confirmed that Rede Globo will produce a TV series based on the movie, but whether it will come to fruition is unlikely.