Vagalume – Lyrics at your fingertips

Vagalume (Firefly) is a great site for finding Brazilian song lyrics, given that you know at least something about the song you’re searching for. It boasts more than one million lyrics and offers searches based on artista (artist), música (song), trecho (verse or set of words) and one for videos (which I have yet to use). Each song is listed based on how popular its lyrics are, which makes it very easy to find the artists “best” (or rather, most popular) songs.

Apart from its main purpose, it offers news, interviews and a top-ten list of popular lyrics. The search technology allows you to see a drop-down list of artists matching your results. In the ‘Buscar’ field, try typing in ‘Ana Carolina’ for example and as you type it will narrow the search for you. Another great feature is seen when you search for an artist, then when you reach the artist’s page, change the search to songs and a line will appear below asking you to check the box if you want to search for lyrics only by that artist (otherwise you can just click on the drop-down menu that says ‘Escolha a letra’ to find any song of that artist).