Músicas Infantis – Something for the kids

Over the course of my studies, I have come across some músicas infantis (childrens songs) which most Brazilians seem to know by heart. I will be posting video examples of them and a few of their translations.

O Sapo Não Lava O Pé (The Frog Doesn’t Wash It’s Feet)


O sapo não lava o pé

Não lava porque não quer
Ele mora lá na lagoa
Não lava o pé porque não quer

Mas que chulé!!!


The frog doesn’t wash his feet

He doesn’t wash because he doesn’t want to
He lives over there in the lake
He doesn’t wash his feet because he doesn’t want to

But, man! They stink!

There is also a second version of this song which kids (and adults alike) love to sing, which basically runs through the song, each time with a different vowel sound (ie, ew supu nu luvu ew pu). Here’s a video example.

Boi Da Cara Preta (Black Bull)


Boi, Boi, Boi
Boi da cara preta
Pega essa menina que tem medo de careta!


Bull, Bull, Bull
Bull with a black face
Get that girl who is afraid of scary faces!

Lavar As Mãos (Wash Your Hands)


Lava outra, lava uma
Lava outra, lava uma mão
Lava outra mão, lava uma mão
Lava outra mão
Lava uma

Depois de brincar no chão de areia a tarde inteira
Antes de comer, beber, lamber, pegar na mamadeira
Lava uma (mão), lava outra (mão)
Lava uma, lava outra (mão)
Lava uma

A doença vai embora junto com a sujeira
Verme, bactéria, mando embora embaixo da torneira
Água uma, água outra
Água uma (mão), água outra
Água uma

A segunda, terça, quarta, quinta e sexta-feira
Na beira da pia, tanque, bica, bacia, banheira
Lava uma mão, mão, mão, mão
Água uma mão, lava outra mão
Lava uma mão
Lava outra, lava uma


Washs the other, wash one
Washes the other, wash one hand
Wash the other hand, wash one hand
Wash the other
Wash one

After playing in the sand the whole afternoon
Before eating, drinking, licking, getting the baby bottle
Wash one (hand), wash the other (hand)
Wash one, wash the other (hand)
Wash one

Getting sick goes away along with the dirt
Vermin, bacteria, I send away below the faucet
Water one, water the other
Water one (hand), water the other
Water one

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
In the sink, tub, running water, bucket, bath
Wash one hand, hand, hand, hand
Water one hand, wash the other hand
Wash one hand
Wash the other, wash one

A lot of these songs came from a popular kids show called Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum on the Rede Cultura TV station. The creator of the show is Cao Hamburger, who went on to make the excellent mini-series ‘Filhos do Carnaval’ for HBO and the award-winning feature film ‘O Ano em que Meus Pais Sairam de Ferias’.