Two full-length Brazilian films on Youtube

I’m not sure when it changed but sometime in the last several months, Youtube started allowing full length films instead of its normal 10 minute limit on each video. There are two I’ve noticed which are Brazilian and which have good ratings on IMDB, although they don’t come with subtitles.

Cinema, Aspirina & Urubus
(A road movie about a German man who went to the North East of Brazil in the 1942 to sell Aspirin)

O Prisioneiro Da Grade de Ferro
(Documentary about Carandiru Penitentiary, with scenes filmed by the prisoners themselves)

Locked Up in Brazil

I think most rational people know what not to do in foreign countries, but sometimes rationality goes out the janela (window) and along with it, the little safe world you thought you lived in. National Geographic has a show called Locked Up Abroad and one of the episodes is titled Busted in Brazil. Here’s a sneek peak.

Carandiru Massacre – All but forgotten

The third most searched for topic on my blog is Candiru, the vampire fish from the Amazon. Often times, I think people meant to type Carandiru instead…but maybe not, as it is being forgotten.

“The Carandiru Massacre, considered a major human rights violation in the history of Brazil, happened sixteen years ago (October 2, 1992) after a riot broke out in the 9th Pavilion of Carandiru Prison Complex in São Paulo. The riot went out of control, which led to the elite force of the Military Police being called in and a confrontation which resulted in the reported death of 111 prisoners. No police were killed.

Human rights groups claim most prisoners were unarmed and offered no resistance, and that the police also fired at inmates who had already surrendered or had tried to hide. Regardless of this, no one has ever been punished, and the only person to be tried was the commanding officer of the operation, colonel Ubiratan Guimarães (assassinated in September 2006 in a possible crime of passion). He was initially sentenced to 620 years in prison but the conviction was later revoked after mistrial claims.”

More can be found on Global Voices, written up by Paula Góes.


Follow the link below for a subtitled short interview on the subject from someone who was there.

HUB interview with a witness and former inmate.