Rio for Partiers, Women for…sex?

The clip below deals with the image of the Brazilian woman and in this case, the carioca and how that image is presented in a sexual manner to foreigners. It reached the point where postcards and other images which were of a sexual nature were prohibited from being sold in Rio. I remember being in Rio and watching a debate on the matter on a news show and while I’m supportive of the right to express yourself how you want, there are limits, of course. To promote the women in Rio as sex fiends or anything of the sort is not right. I personally know many Brazilian women and none of them are hypersexual in the way they are portrayed to the rest of the world.

As for the tourist book they refer to in the news piece, I’ve seen it and took a look through it. There were corrections I would have made to the content and I do remember taking note of the page on Brazilian women. Secondly, I wouldn’t write a short colorful book explaining Brazilian culture to a foreigner as it is a complex subject to being with. When writing about where to go or what to do, that’s fine…as long as you aren’t saying “the women in this club are easier” (well, I suppose if you are talking about Help Discoteca, then it would be factual).

To sum it up, I think if you fall for some surface article or book that says certain women are easier than others, you are probably lacking more than a few brain cells. And if you are going to say “but look at what they wear (on the beach, on the street, etc)”, I will tell you that Brazil is a hot and humid country and if you lived in Alaska, I’m sure you’d do the opposite and wear sweaters and jackets.

That being said, I absolutely love the Brazilian woman, only my love is a reflection of the culture they grow up within, and not some false notion that I pulled out of thin air.

For the Carioca Woman, Sleep is more important than Sex

from Folha de S.Paulo, in Rio

translation: Adam 

Carioca women, upon listing items that define their quality of life, find more worth in sleep and physical exercise than in sex. Even for Carioca men, sex loses out to “healthy eating.” 

Women from Minas Gerais value sexual relations more that physical exercise. But sex also lies behind items like “quality of sleep” and “doing a job you love.” 

The conclusion is part of a poll on the sexual behavior of Brazilians, put into motion by Carmita Abdo, professor of the Department of Medicine at USP. The poll was financed by Pfizer, which produces Viagra. 

In the first phase of the poll, whose results were presented yesterday, 1,715 Cariocas and Mineiros, comprised of men and women over 18, responded to questions on sexual development and affection. The study has yet to be reproduced in 8 other Brazilian capitals, including São Paulo. 

In Belo Horizonte, men were found to value sex more than the women when defining their quality of life. Its the third item cited by Mineiros, after healthy eating and time spent with family.

“This result can be considered surprising to a certain point. Traditionally, research shows that men value sex more than women. They place sex as a priority in life”, affirmed Abdo, that also works in the Institute of Psychiatry of the HC (?) in São Paulo.

In spite of affirming that sleeping well and working out are more important than sex, 78.5% of the Cariocas said they had an “excellent” or “good” sex life. 

Among the Carioca men, the result rested at 77.9%. In Belo Horizonte, 75.5% of the women said they had an “excellent” or “good” sex life — among the men the index was 82.8%. 

Another conclusion refers to the sexual initiation: almost 90% of the women, in Rio and in BH, affirmed that they had their “first time” with a boyfriend. Among the men, the percentage was less: almost 35%. 

“The women had their first time with a boyfriend, but there are changes. For example, in terms of the distinction between sexual life and affection. The men think the two aspects are related and the women start to go in the opposing direction, seperating sexual life and affection.”

Questioned whether the two were distinct situations, 53.4% of the Carioca women and 55.9% of the Mineira (BH) women said “yes”. Among the men, it rested at 61.4% and 63.2% respectively. 

In Rio, the men affirmed to having sex 3.3 times per week but would prefer it 7.8 times per week. The women said they had 2.3 sexual relations — and wished to have 4.5 times per week. The Mineiros would like it eight times per week; the Mineiras, five –double what they have in actuality. 

The article, in Portuguese, is here.