“Rain & Pain” in the South

It’s important not to forget what is happening in Santa Catarina and the people who go on living hungry, homeless and in mourning. Get Brazil has a video link to an in-depth report (in PT) on the destruction and how the country is coming to the aid of the areas in need. Even if you don’t understand Portuguese, the images are worth taking a look at. 

Nossas Andanças has some information on how you can help (also in PT), and if you would like to leave a message on her blog, she can tell you in English what you can do.

The main points of the video on Get Brazil, aside from covering the damage and the aid, also cover the business side of things and how industry has come to a standstill due to two factors. The first factor being that the port of Itajaí, which normally brings in USD $33 million worth of commerce per day and employs 14,000 people is not functioning because of the damage to the port and areas surrounding it. The second factor is the human side of the equation, where those affected are trying to save their families and their homes and therefore not being able to go to work.