In Between Home – Daily Brazilian Beauty

I was contacted about a new site called In Between Home offering “an exhibition of the daily beauty of Brasil” via photography. It’s done by Zane, an expat living outside of Rio who is doing his part to showcase the beautiful country that is Brazil. Here’s the description…

“This blog is simply a daily log of things I see and do here in Brazil. Some photos may be artistic, some may not. Some may be beautiful scenery, some may just be a snapshot on my way home. Think of the blog as one of those quarter toy machines outside of your favorite grocery store you used when you were a kid…you never know what you might get!”

Announcement – Interviewed on Brazil

I had the good fortune to be interviewed about my time living in Brazil by an expat website. It seems they found me through Eyes On Brazil. If you would like to know more about the kinds of things I learned while living in Brazil, I’ll leave the link below!