This is Brazil, On Facebook.

That’s supposed to reference the old but famous ‘don’t do drugs’ commercial (this is your brain on drugs). While I’m not a Facespacer or a Mybooker, I do find the concept of socialness viewed alone through a piece of hardware to be quite interesting. The picture below is a product of a Facebook engineer who decided to graph social connections worldwide via Facebook. I cut out (I mean, I only included) South America but you can see the whole world, too. Each blue line represents a “friendship”.


Coelho loves life…quer dizer, online

“Coelho is an unabashed MySpace fan, he told me today. He has been active on the site for three years and has over 38,000 friends there. He says MySpace is among his favorite websites, and says that it is a great way to connect with fans.

But I also asked Coelho if he uses Facebook, and what he thinks of it. He said that he loves Facebook too. When I pressed as to which site was his favorite, he said “I love MySpace like a wife, I’ve been there for a long time. But Facebook is my mistress.””

The rest is here on TechCrunch

My Take

He is also on Friendfeed and Twitter, which must make them his 2AM entertainment.

I just recieved as a present his new hardcover from Brazil in the mail, its called ‘The Winner Is Alone’ (O Vencedor Está Só) and its quite good even though I’m only 50 pages into it. I’m sure they’ll translate it to English next year.

Anyways, whether Mr. Coelho loves being online or not, its great for marketing. Its a great way to keep in touch with fans, but I wonder if he actually responds to questions and comments or if he has a team to do it for him. After recently reaching the 100 Million exemplares (copies) sold mark, I’m sure he can afford a team of underlings. 

For being such a well-selling author, many Brazilians despise his work, which is interesting. The joke in Brazil is that he sells so well worldwide because his translators are better writers than he is. Personally, I’ve read about five of his books and have quite enjoyed them all.