Annual Strawberry Party in RS

In the county of Agudo, RS (Rio Grande do Sul), there is an annual strawberry party in which around 70 strawberry farms from the region show off the crème de la crème of the season. Of course, they don’t exactly do it out of the goodness of their hearts as they hope the tastiness of the fruits of their labor attract a large crowd of eager buyers. Either way, count me in! 

Morangos (strawberries) are one of the principal products of the local economy and during this last weekend in October, millions of tourists will pass through the region to taste the local delights. The rural workers are descendants of immigrants who placed their livelihood on this small red fruit, of which they produce 120 tons per year. 

Here’s a short journalism piece on the Festa do Morango in Portuguese.

It seems RS really loves their fruit festivals (Festa da Uva)!