Halloween costumes in Belem

Not sure how many actual Halloween parties there are in Belém but Tia Bola has you covered in case you need a costume, to buy or rent. Just click the link and choose Mens, Womens or Infants costumes. When I figure out how much they cost to rent or buy, I’ll add that information to this post. Stay tuned! In the meantime, there are pictures example of each on the site (although the little girls as Rebeldes…just plain weird).

Tia Bola

Tv: Castelo Branco nº 1803 entre R. dos Pariquis e Caripunas Bairro do Guáma- Fones:3249-0371, 3249-1496, 3032-9102.

If you need random elements of a costume you are putting together yourself, the Comercio district has plenty to choose from.